Media Measurement and Content Analysis

The more you make sense of the news that impacts you, greater the influence you have on your organization’s communication outcomes and in turn your media ROI.

For Media Measurement, we offer both Self-service and Catered solutions. Both of these solutions offer media analysis results as online dasboards or offline media measurement reports. Our SmartMeasure, media measurement and media evaluation service helps you do just that with analysis that digs through the multi-dimensional layers of news to bring you powerful insights and maximize your communication ROI.

While quantitative media measurement has its own benefits, it still does not answer many questions that may be key to your media ROI or public relations measurement. For instance:

  • What is my company's image in the media? What influences it?
  • How are we seen in comparison with our competitors?
  • Are we reaching our target audience?
  • Is our target audience hearing our messages?
  • What is the media sentiment towards us?
  • Did we convert all opportunities that we had identified?
  • Was I able to generate the right ROI from my last press conference?

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SmartMeasure: Real Time; On Demand Media Measurement

So, how are we different from some of the others who could also help you get answers to some of the same questions?

To ensure that we really build a measurement solution around your need, we reached out communication professionals, CxOs to understand what they would really need and appreciate. There were several insights we gained. We are happy to share some of the feedback we received

Insight I

“I am very impressed with the charts and graphs about our media exposure BUT it is always a post mortem and too late for me to be proactive! I wish these insights could be more dynamic”

Insight II

“Whilst I understand the importance of media measurement, I get confused with the many views and charts being thrown at me. I wish we could have one benchmark which would make my life simpler and bring greater transparency and accountability to show me how we were doing”

Insight III

“We are all very busy and always on the move. It is impossible for me to get attention of my senior management, let alone get them to sit around a table for lengthy presentations or read long reports. I wish I had something we could share with others on the go and was so brief that it made you say ‘Aa Ha’ I get it.”

Insight IV

“The most common feedback that we get after a media measurement presentation is ‘improve your media relations.’ I know that we need to do that. I wish we could get actionable intelligence that tells us exactly what interventions we need. This way we could proactively do something about it.”

We used these insights to focus our development efforts to ensure that our service is:

a. as real time as you desired,
b. available on demand so that you can access it from anyplace, at any time
c. user friendly and helps you answer not only the most obvious questions but also, what-if ones?

What is more, we offer you the flexibility of either using our analytical acumen or analyse the media coverage yourself with our SmartMeasure D-I-Y, media measurement toolkit.

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