Media Research: Outsourcing Solutions
Offshore Measurement Services

Impact Research and Measurement provides end-to-end offshore media intelligence services that include article cleaning, scoring, coding, interpreting and report writing

Our clients in United States and Europe have already experienced the tremendous benefit of the fact that we know this business as well as any one in the world. When you talk to us, we talk your language as it is our language too!

You save time, resources and gain a steep learning curve about your issues, coding and scoring methodologies so that you can get on with becoming a trusted advisor to your clients.

Our outsourcing team runs independently of our domestic service offering to ensure that we maintain the integrity of your information and process. We are happy to set up dedicated people to your process if it demands that of us.

With impact you are guaranteed:

Quality Assurance: We invest in talented people who come with a graduate or a post graduate qualification in business and are able to read and interpret business news, thereby improving the quality of coding.

We have several layers of quality control through technology enabled testing and team supervision to reduce and eliminate human errors. We attempt to get it right the first time.

Customer Support Assurance: We know you are close to your customer but miles away from us. It is natural to feel out-of-control, so we ensure that we are a phone call or an email away. You can always reach a member of our senior management or customer help desk for any query and we will be happy to answer it for you. We conduct regular reviews with you, take feedback and make process improvements so that you can deliver service beyond the expected to your clients.

Bottom line Assurance: If you are serving clients in United States or Europe, you could gain a competitive advantage in your market by leveraging the natural cost advantage to get a healthier bottom line assurance.

If you are looking to off shore or would like to understand our service, Click here to connect with us or call Aseem Sood, Chief Executive Officer at 011-3093 3093