Media Research: Impact-Does-It (I-D-I)
Impact-Does-It (I-D-I): Custom Media Research and Analytics

We also offer customised media research & analysis service for effective media evaluation and public relations evaluation. Such projects are developed based on very specific objectives of your public relations programme and are delivered to you both in form of online dashboards and offline reports. Such customised media evaluation helps you dig deeper into important and relevant media/ business issues.

Our media research analysts read, analyse, interpret and grade all relevant media exposures. The resulting scores are then converted into a set of meaningful insights customized to your communication programme.

To deliver real time, online and on demand actionable intelligence we use best-in-class Business Intelligence (BI) platform which is premiering in India with Impact.

Our platform allows you not only view online dashboard to get answers to your Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) but also slice and dice the information in real-time on the go to get answers to your ‘what if’ questions.

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