Media Intelligence: SmartSummary™

A very large number of news stories are written on various industry sectors everyday across multiple publications and editions. Though, being in the same sector, you may want to read all, but at times, it may not be possible to read all those stories. This is where SmartSummary™ comes in handy. Its like summarised media intelligence.

SmartSummary™ is a 1-2 page summarisation of whats hot in a sector on a given day. It covers critical business news focusing on your company, competitors, industry bodies, policy makers appearing in Print or Web Media Space. It provides you a crisp update on the latest media stories of the day.

To create the SmartSummary, our research analyst team:

  1. Reviews all the pertinent exposures of the day
  2. Collates and summarize top news stories
  3. Classifies the same into different industry categories
  4. Creates a crisp update (as per desired content and formatting requirements)
  5. Circulates the same to the listed recipients at a designated time

Click here to request for a demonstration to see how our SmartSummary™ solution can help you.