Social Media Tracking

Social networking websites are helping issues and news to spread faster than they used to. Monitoring social networking sites for what is being said about your company, products or people is very important for any business. Blog posts, comments, tweets, and a lot more is included when you consider social media monitoring. Sheer volume of data on today’s social networking sites makes it a huge challenge to monitor them. You require specialised solutions to monitor social networking sites.

We have two solutions for Social Media Monitoring:

  1. Impact SmartSocial: This is our social media LISTENING solution. It allows you to listen to what is being said about your company, products and people on social media platforms – Twitter or Facebook. You may or may not be already involved in those conversations. Our solution will help you identify the conversations, the participants, and their influence. Etc.
  2. Impact SmartSocialCRM: This is a social media analysis solution. It is for companies that actively engage in Social Media activities on Twitter. This solution helps you assess the effectiveness of your Twitter handle and benchmark it to select other handles. It offers real-time metrics on the number of people writing to you, your success rate in closing conversations, time taken to respond etc. These metrics can help you understand if your twitter handle's performance is as good as that of the others and what are the improvement areas.

There are a lot of uses for social media research in the modern world. If you use our social media monitoring tools you can be aware of customers’ reactions and feedback and can hence respond to their queries and complaints.

No matter what your business deals with, social media monitoring is a very important part of many marketing or public relations programme.

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